Self Portrait

Environmental Abstract Photography


  With a deep appreciation for nature, music and design, I look to the natural world, which surrounds me, as a source, a well of inspiration. I photograph in the abstract with a formalist perspective. My work consists of non-objective graphic compositions concerning color, light, texture and shapes to convey a state of being.

       My work offers an innovative take. With a lively, unexpected eye for color, I compose accepted landscape images in unconventional ways. The sun is my primary source of light, and it acts as a vital force in my compositions; lens flares are specifically created in camera while shooting. Tropical shapes and textures play a flamboyant role as well: palm trees, flowers and natural fibers captivate me and I incorporate them as abstract ideas in my imagery. I am drawn to a vivacious color palette. It offers intense experiences: sunrises, sunsets, ocean blues and bright colorful blooms jump off my photographic canvas as a result. Prismatic fields of color define my compositions.

       My bold spirit plays a role. I love places I have not been, and find it magically seductive exploring the unknown, using my eye as a tool.  Objects that draw my attention, and the reason they appeal to me, are a deliberate part of my process.

       A few years ago I left my home, Venezuela, so I might find a better future in a new place. This experience has had a profound influence on my work. I aggressively fight gloom in my imagery. Nature has proven to be a potent vehicle.  If change defines my work then I use it to offer a moment’s escape – a brief glimpse where others feel they are home -- in those instants I too am home.